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Easier said than done these days, it seems. Everywhere you turn, people are wiggin’ out. And I probably would, too, if I was facing foreclosure or had lost a my retirement funds in the stock market the last few weeks. Thankfully, neither are true for me.

I’ve got my own barrel of monkeys I’m dealing with, though, and while they have diddly to do with the economy, they sure are a drain on the ol’ good vibrations.

But hey – that’s life with teenagers. They’re insane creatures, teenagers, and if you don’t watch it, they’ll try to take your sanity, too. But that’s a whole other post, my friends… I digress.

My friend Nancy Boyd, and a friend of hers, Bonnie Boots, came up with an idea to offset some of the fear and frenzy people are feeling right now. They asked the most positive people they know (including yours truly!) to contribute a positive article, video or audio message to be part of a free e-book to be distributed freely all across the Internet.

We’re proud to present Project Powerful and Positive. Download your copy by clicking the book cover. Share it with people you care about. Send it to those who’ve taken a kick in the pants in the stock market or who are facing financial crisis of their own. Put it up on your own blog as a free download. Help us spread its positive message as far and wide as possible.

If you’re thinking, “Man…I wish I could have been a part of this…”, well – you can! We have a lot of people who would have participated had they known about it in time, so we’re taking submissions for Volume 2. And we’ll do as many volumes as it takes to include everyone who wants to send some positivity out into the world.

What a great idea, huh? Yeah. I’m tellin’ ya – it’s much easier to “don’t worry, be happy” when you’ve got positive, let’s-do-something-good people like this in your life.