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It occurs to me that I’ve been blessed to have a whole lotta luv washin’ over me since I posted yesterday. And yeah, I’m worth it, an’ all, but it’s still fairly wondrous to recognize in the moment. Kinda makes your jaw drop if you pay attention.

First, I want to send a shout out and a whole lotta luv to Lotus for her help answering my questions about her recent conversion to WordPress hosted on her own domain. I converted my business blog from ‘old’ Blogger hosted on my own domain to WordPress hosted on my own domain New Year’s Eve, and while it was an ugly, 36 hour transition, she answered my questions and helped me laugh through it. (Yet another reason to blog – all the great people you’d meet no other way.)

Next, my neighbor, Tab (aka You Bitch!) who has my back in innumerable ways. We are Mom#2 to each other’s kids and we laugh and bitch together about life and living and help each other hang onto the knot at the end of our respective ropes. She stepped in and helped me in a pinch I hadn’t even articulated today, all because she pays attention and gives a shit. I hope you each have a Tab in your life.

Finally, my Ya-Ya sisters. Three other women, all of whom I met online first through my other business, only one of whom I have not yet met face-to-face after lo these 5-7 years. They are as different as can be, yet so alike it’s scary. We are in three different time zones and four different states, but we have each other’s backs. Two of them witnessed via 3-way my ultimate humiliation with CompletelyClueless, and loved me through it and the too-many-more years it took me to let go of him. They are the Louise to my Thelma and then some. We all got on the phone together last night and caught up with each other all at once. It was the first time we’d all four been together in over a year and a half. We decreed that to be a ridiculous state of affairs and agreed upon regular monthly get-togethers via conference call. And despite me quoting the loathsome AT&T, being on the phone with them really IS the next best thing to being there.