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I’ve been meaning to take this picture for awhile now, but it just keeps getting better and better. I finally took it yesterday, but since, the price has gone down a few cents, yet again. In September, it cost me $60 to fill my car. Yesterday, it took $25. Enjoy it while we can, folks.

I picked up Sweet Pea yesterday morning and we took her out to see her other Grandma and Grandpa (Oldest Son’s dad and his wife). Tried 4 times to get a picture of her with Grandpa, but Grandpa was just uncooperative. Here is the least goofy looking shot of the 4.

And, of course, PDD got to spend time with her favorite creatures: Star, Skippa and Stormin’.

This time, the horses thought Second Son had brought them treats (his sunflower seeds)…

…and proceeded to follow him around wherever he went. They were all 3 following him, at one point, but I was too slow with the camera to capture it. Second Son finally had to leave the pasture to get any peace.

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