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“Live at the Improv”
(where the improv is bathtime in Grandma’s kitchen sink instead of the bathtub)

Oldest Son was jealous of all the time his daughter spent in my lap Friday evening. So, after she went to sleep, he wanted his turn.

Not to be outdone, Second Son had to have his turn, too.

And of course, what her brothers get to do, PDD must do, too.

I’ve really got to come up with a name for my granddaughter here. However, while I’m working on that, here are some pictures of our day on Saturday. We spent the morning at my ex’s house (Oldest Son’s dad). I wanted to give them some time with the baby, and PDD wanted to spend time with their horses, so we went there on the way out to my parents’.

Sitting on Daddy’s lap

3 Grandmas: Me, Ex’s Mom and Ex’s Wife

Playing Dress-up

Even though the grandbaby was supposedly the star of the show yesterday, if you ask PDD, the whole point of going to the Ex’s place was to get to see, ride and spend time with their horses. The fact that they got to see and spend time with their granddaughter was merely secondary.

Hugging Star

Hugging Skippa

Hugging Stormin’

PDD in Horse Heaven

PDD can’t get happier than this!

PDD comes by her love of horses honestly. I love them, too.

While all the horse lovin’ was going on, the boys were having their own fun with Ex’s 1977 Corvette.

Oldest Son at the wheel.

Second Son got to take it for a spin, too.

Second Son discovered hay bales can be great sources of entertainment. He took a run at one and found he could walk up it if he got a good enough running start at it. Simple country pleasures for a city boy…lol.

King of the Mountain

When it came time to leave Ex’s and go to my parents, PDD had a hard time saying goodbye. This will likely become one of my favorite pictures of PDD’s childhood, if only because of its poignancy. She really does love horses. To her credit, I didn’t have to peel her off them to get her in the car. Must be she knows that the best way to get to come back is to go willingly when it’s time. It was hard, though.

Never can say goodbye, no, no, no, no….

On we went to my parents’ house so they could meet their first great-grandchild. I defer to my mother’s aversion to having pictures taken and published for all the world to see and give you instead my dad and my granddaughter.

Talkin’ it over with Great-Grandpa

My parents’ first child was a girl (me), their first grandchild was a boy (Oldest Son) and now their first great-grandchild is a girl. I guess we’re giving each gender a shot at making family history, eh?

Dad and I gave this little one the tour of the land, the shop and all the heavy equipment she’ll one day learn to use. No gender bias in this family – trust me. 🙂

Given that my dad’s dad lived to see 92, and my mom’s mom lived to see 90, and the fact that they are now 69 and 65 respectively, the possibility does exist for my parents to see this little girl graduate high school, at least. As long as they’re not medically miserable, I hope they stick around that long.

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