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Weekly Winners

Two babies, tuckered out.

Childhood friends, seeing each other in a new light.

(My BFF’s daughter, like a Second Daughter to me, and Oldest Son. BFF and I are laughing because we used to wonder if we’d end up related one day, as close as they were back then. It’s been a rather eventful two weeks around here. More on that later.)

Back at Philbrook for Second Saturday yesterday, this is the fountain in the gardens. It looked so cool and refreshing.

The Philbrook gardens, view from the bottom of the hill.

One of the ponds, full of Koi, at Philbrook. Wish this was my backyard!

Our cat, Callie, lookin’ for some lovin’…

…ok…that’s a little more love than I was lookin’ for…

…that’s better.

The little cutie sacked on the couch and in the walker is my BFF’s grandson, Second Daughter’s son, likely to be seen around here frequently.