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Weekly Winners

Me and mine (from left to right: PDD, Second Son, Oldest Son) taken at my parents’ house yesterday afternoon. (I never pass up an opportunity to get impromptu family pics of my brood. Already, it’s getting difficult to get them all together in one spot.)

My younger sister and her family – in Oklahoma on vacation this week (they live in Maryland.) We all gathered at my parents’ to celebrate Mom’s 65th birthday. They come to Oklahoma about once a year since both sets of grandparents are here. My nephew will be graduating high school next spring, so hopefully we’ll be traveling their direction then. Second Son was an infant the last time we went east, so we are long overdue for a trip to their house!

Last, but not least, a picture of my dad with 6 of his 10 grandchildren. Ironically, this picture is missing the oldest two and the youngest two, all of whom belong to my sister who lives in California who wasn’t able to be here this time. They were busy celebrating birthday week in the Bird family.