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Callie Sleeping

Meet our cat, Callie. She is my constant companion. Wither I goest…for real. When I’m not around, she’ll make do with someone else, but if I’m home, she’s always within 3 feet of me at all times. Yes, that means she often follows me to the bathroom. She waits for me while I’m in the shower. She comes galloping to greet me when I come in the door, and every time I leave, she tries to go with.

She gets in trouble – a LOT – for being all over my stuff while I’m here at my desk working. But, she’s smart and has now figured out that a) the desktop tower vibrates just the teeniest bit and b) it’s usually on, which means it’s a heat source, and c) she can be close to me there, but not in trouble so it’s an all-around great place to a hang out and nap.

Afro Closeup

This is our cat, Afro. (Don’t ask about the name. Prima Donna Daughter named him and who can explain the mind of a six-year-old?) He is predominantly an outside cat, but last week one day, he came in the house and has pretty much been inside all week. Turns out he’s hurt his paw and has figured out that sometimes, there are better places to be than out in the big, wide world exploring, like snoozing on Prima Donna Daughter’s bed, for one.

This picture just pulls at me. It says, “Please don’t make me get up, I’m comfortable.” As soon as I took this picture, he closed his eyes and went right back to sleep.

Maybe I should take a page from the cats’ book, eh? A nap sounds really good right about now.

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