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No, I didn’t go anywhere…physically, that is. Other than to work concessions yesterday morning for the Special Olympics and a harried trip through Wal-Mart on the way home, I’ve been here all weekend. You’d think I’d have glorious tales of domestic accomplishment to report, but alas, that is not the case. I did give it a half-assed try, on several different projects, but the Force was not with me.

First up was an ambitious afternoon of replanting my front yard. I have a bank of Rose of Sharon bushes that some idiot (me) planted too close to the driveway so that the only time you can get in and out of the passenger side of the car is in the fall and winter when the bushes are dormant and the bees have gone to wherever they go in the wintertime. With the 9+ inches of rain we had here last week, the yard is certainly soft enough to dig in without breaking a shovel or my back – or so I thought.

I wanted to move the Rose of Sharon bushes (I think there are 6 or so, but they’ve grown together into a massive obstruction, so I’m not sure) over into the flower bed in the front of the house because I haven’t had time for flowers in several years and I’ve got this stupid looking blank spot on the front of my house where I insisted the contractor remove the bathroom window which the bushes would cover/fill in nicely.

But before I could put the Rose of Sharon bushes there, I had to dig up this damned hardy climbing miniature rose bush (which, by the way, I’ve dug up twice before) and my canna lilies and get them out of the way. There is also a lone toddler of a black walnut tree growing in the bed (I told you – I haven’t had time for flowers!) which would need to be dug up, too. I thought I’d line my sidewalk with the cannas (and conveniently piss off my idiot mailman at the same time.) And the neighbor across the street has been offering me his flower bed full of day lilies for 5 years running, and they’d look nice in front of the cannas…all of which are perrenials, which require little to no maintenance from me.

I asked Second Son to come out and help and while he lolligagged around finding his work-outside shoes, I dug up never-say-die miniature rose bush (whose roots appear to have grown down the length of the foundation of the house, so no doubt the damned thing will return eventually.) I then turned my ire onto the cannas and got them all nicely divided up. What I did not think about is how much heavier the dirt would be with 9+ inches of rain soaked down into it. By the time Second Son got out there I was winded and ready for a break.

He started to dig up the walnut sapling and I’ll be damned if he didn’t break the shovel – snapped it right in two. So much for yard work.

I cooked dinner and then retired to the couch and eventually my room watching movies on Oxygen. (They are playing chick flicks every Saturday in April and coming up next weekend, I think, is one of my favorites: Must Love Dogs.)

This morning Prima Donna Daughter was going to church with a friend, so I was up early getting her primped and puffed and out the door. Then I made a pot of coffee, got a cup and returned to my room and promptly spent the rest of the day (until coming to write this post) with my face stuck in movie after movie, finishing off with tonight’s DVR’d special episode of Eli Stone (I love that show!) I wandered out occasionally (on commercials, of course) to get a couple loads of laundry through the machines and to throw a casserole in the oven for dinner. This evening, PDD curled up in my bed with me to watch Sweet Home Alabama – and promptly fell asleep. She’s in there snoring as I type this.

So, I have been away from all things computer and Internet. From the peek I took at my inbox, I’ll be paying dearly all day tomorrow, but you know what? Sometimes you just gotta get away. And while I normally can count on one hand the number of hours of TV I watch in a week, sometimes you gotta over do it on that one, too. It’s good to be a lazy slug every now and then.