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emptyhamperIn the never-ending battle to get PDD to keep her room clean, I have unknowingly created a weekly treasure hunt known to the rest of the world as laundry day. On the way to the bottom of her hamper just now, I found (and I kid you not) the following items, in addition to her dirty laundry:

  • 3 folded t-shirts, clearly not worn since they were returned to her last week
  • 4 crayons
  • 1 pr craft scissors
  • 1 cereal bowl, complete with corn flakes stuck to the interior of the bowl
  • 1 spoon, also with a corn flake stuck to the back
  • 1 newspaper
  • 2 WebKinz animals she’s been looking for all week
  • 1 of my socks ???
  • 2 pr of Second Son’s underwear (presumably added unknowingly when she was told to get her own clothing off the bathroom floor)
  • 1 Happy Meal toy
  • 13 scraps of construction paper of various sizes and shapes
  • 1 empty ZipLock sandwich bag
  • 2 hangers

The 3 folded t-shirts are no surprise. I always find clean laundry in the hamper. I’ve given up trying to solve that one. This week’s prize MUST go to the cereal bowl and spoon, however. That’s a first.

It occurs to me that I don’t EVER want to know what Frosted Flakes are REALLY made of. Whatever it is, when combined with 2% milk, it creates a glue stronger than Krazy Glue. I assure you, a jackhammer would not be able to remove those flakes from that bowl or spoon. They are currently soaking in the kitchen sink.

And there’s the irony folks: a simple soak in water will remove something that I would otherwise break the bowl trying to remove by any other means. A great observation about life, eh? Simplicity and patience do what force can’t.

And still I wonder why people tell me I need to get a life…