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I would love to travel the world and see places I’ve read about, but it’s not a burning desire that won’t leave me alone. At least not right now. But there are a few places – no, people and places – I would like to go see:

The Farm: This is a picture I want to one day have my own picture of, with me in that chair. It’s at a place calls Brinson’s Race and it’s owned by a friend of mine, Laura Biering. That rocking chair, and the dark, cool, quiet of that porch just call to me. In fact, I go there quite a lot already…in my mind. No surprise, since Laura, herself, has the same effect on me.

Valle of Yellow Creek Art Studio: Through another good friend, Ellene Breedlove Davis, Valle of Yellow Creek Art Studio is a place I have only seen in my mind’s eye (with some help from her paintings.) I came close last month, though, when I got to meet Ellene in person in Atlanta, about 60 miles southwest of where she lives in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in north Georgia. This painting, called “Sunny Morning Road“, will be hanging in my home very soon. That will keep me happy until I get to go there and let Ellene show me how to play with paint.

Karen’s Front Porch: Despite all the beautiful scenery surrounding Karen’s new home in Pleasanton, CA, what calls to me is this space, with a cup of French Vanilla coffee in hand and her to talk to. And yes, I would love to go with her to the Farmer’s Market, sight-seeing in San Fransisco, wine tasting in Napa Valley…as long as we come right back here to talk and just be.

Wherever Marty Lands in Palm Springs, CA: I’d follow Marty wherever he went because he is the draw, but he and his partner, Bill, are currently investigating real estate in Palm Springs, CA. So, that means maybe one day soon, I’ll have a home away from home in the desert to run away to. I’ve never been to the Palm Springs area, but I know one thing for sure: Wherever Marty lands will be beautiful, welcoming and good for my soul because he will be there.