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They say time heals all wounds, but I disagree. I know too many people still hung up on events in the past for that to be true. I think, at least from my own personal experience, what heals the wounds is letting go of wishing things had turned out differently, or just were different, and accepting what is.

I believe most of the emotional pain we endure in life is self-inflicted and is a result of our unwillingness (or inability) to accept what is. And by that, I do not mean we have to like what is – we just have to accept it.

This is the biggest change I see in myself over the last couple of years, and what I believe is responsible for how much better I perceive my life to be today. I have let go of wishing things had turned out differently for me, and I am much better at keeping my butt firmly planted in the here and now where my life is happening, instead of stuck in the past I can’t do anything about or off in the future that hasn’t happened yet.

I am learning how to want what I have, instead of waiting to have what I want. It makes all the difference. And you know what I’ve found? I have a lot.