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Thirteen (and then some) Things I Accomplished Today

  1. I fought the good fight on a disputed bill, but they won citing their terms of service. Ugh. So I paid the stupid bill and went on with life.
  2. I filed for the last two rebates on my phone/cable/Internet service, so I have another $130 coming in sometime next month. Yay!
  3. I balanced 4 accounts I’ve been avoiding.
  4. I added a new customer to my network marketing business.
  5. I faxed some paperwork and filed it away.
  6. I wrote a post for one of my other blogs.
  7. I contacted an inactive customer and turned her into an active customer, once again! Yay!
  8. I went and picked up some child support moolah – only 7 days late – he’s getting better. 🙂
  9. I did 4 loads of laundry.
  10. I folded and put away 3 loads of laundry that have been clean for a week but never made it out of the laundry room.
  11. I cleaned the cat litter box. Peee-uuuuu!
  12. I cleaned off my desk and I can see the wood again…(one of these days I’ll take a picture and show you my digs.)
  13. This post will be my 13th thing, but I still have 2 other blogs to write posts for, prep for an interview I’m doing on Sunday, and thanks to Bonnie over at Born In A Zoo, who sent me “Wacky Chicks: Life Lessons from Fearlessly Inappropriate and Fabulously Eccentric Women” all because I commented on one of her posts that I hadn’t read it (how nice is she??!!!) I have some fun reading to do, too!

    By the way, since Bonnie was nice enough to send it to me, I’ve decided to continue this book’s travels when I’m done with it. Who wants dibs? Let me know in the comments.

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