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Where’s the Pause Button?

Ok, so we all know there is no such thing as managing time. (We DO know that, right?)

What’s to manage? Nothing really. We get 24 hours in a day, no more, no less. What we (read: I) need to manage is the USE of time. For me, that’s about as likely as me sprouting wings and flapping my way to the moon and back.

Instead, I want to know where the freakin’ pause button is on the DVR of life. So, if anyone can show me where the damn thing is, promise I won’t leave it on ‘pause’ forever.

Here’s why I need to find it:

  1. I need to clean this house. Seriously. Just go through it and get it done in one shot. Without the pause button, it’s never clean all at once. Somebody’s messing up some part I just finished while I’m working on the next thing. There is no sense of accomplishment this way. No sense of accomplishment leads to apathy which, in this case, leads to filth. I can’t be happy in filth. I can’t get anything done in filth. Find me the pause button or send me an Alice of my own!
  2. I need some sleep. A good, long if-you-even-think-about-waking-me-you’re-risking-your life dose of it. I’m thinking a couple of days might do it…
  3. As of this moment, my Bloglines has 3,529 (I shit you not! I just checked.) unread blog posts awaiting my eyeballs. And here’s the hell of it: I’ve already unsubscribed to dozens of blogs that I just wanted to ‘keep an eye on.’ These are the ones I really want to read! Ugh!
  4. I need to close out my 2007 business year and do my taxes. Being self-employed with 3 different businesses and a contract job – well…you do the math, cuz I don’ wanna.
  5. I could start cooking a week’s worth of dinners at one time and trash only 1 afternoon/evening with cooking. (You notice ‘cook’ is a 4-letter word. For real.)
  6. I need to clean up my yard. The ice storm debris is still everywhere and it’s ugly. No – Fugly.
  7. I want to move this blog away from Blogger and onto one of my domain names on one of my hosting accounts using WordPress…
  8. …but I have yet to find a WordPress theme that I like…
  9. …which means I need to write my own…
  10. …which means I also need some design time with Photoshop…
  11. …after a crash course in Ninja Photoshop skills…
  12. …and then time to install it and the requisite plugins before I import everything from here…
  13. …none of which will get done EVER if I have to do daily life, too.

Do you see the time of this post? Yeah. And I have to be up at 5:30 to get ready for a day of 90 prepubescent 7th graders. Woe to them if they mess with me. I’m just sayin’…

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