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Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things That Bug Me

  1. My single gray eyelash
  2. That I can clean a room and 10 minutes after the kids are in it, you can’t tell I did anything
  3. My bed not being made (don’t fall out of your chair on that one, Mom, but it’s true!)
  4. People who say one thing and do another
  5. My chin hairs…or how ’bout the fact that I have them in the first place?!
  6. When the kids fill up both sides of the kitchen sink with dirty dishes to where I can’t even get at the water to make coffee. Hello? We DO have a dishwasher…
  7. The fingerprints and smudges on my front screen door, no matter how many times I wash that window.
  8. Dust
  9. Oldest Son’s tongue ring. It’s just disgusting and makes him talk weird.
  10. The fact that my right knee hurts and bothers me more than BEFORE I had knee surgery.
  11. That Pepper refuses to get housebroken. We can take her out, and she’ll do her business, but she would rather die a thousand deaths than let us know when she needs to go out again.
  12. That Completely Clueless is late with his child support…again.
  13. PDD telling me, “Hold on,” when I tell her to do something.
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