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Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Places I Don’t Care If I See Again or Ever

  1. Las Vegas, Nevada (ever)
  2. Graceland (again)
  3. Detroit, Michigan (again)
  4. Niagara Falls, New York (again)
  5. I-40 from Memphis, Tennessee to Asheville, North Carolina (again…ever! lol)
  6. Any of the Mexican border towns (ever)
  7. Kansas or Nebraska (again)
  8. Little Rock, Arkansas (again)
  9. Anywhere in the Middle East except Egypt and Israel (ever)
  10. Anywhere in the Far East (ever)
  11. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (again)
  12. Anywhere in Central America (ever)
  13. Greenville, Pennsylvania (again…there’s no one left there for me now)
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