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Thirteen Things about THE NEW YEAR

  1. it’s a clean slate! Full of possibility.
  2. no one is asking if I met my goals for the year…yet.
  3. it’s tax refund time soon!
  4. the Super Bowl is even sooner!
  5. the kids go back to school even sooner than that!
  6. I get to buy a new calendar! (I love new calendars!)
  7. great clearance sales.
  8. I’m one year closer to senior citizen discounts everywhere!
  9. it’s still cold out, so I’m still cooking. (I rarely cook in the summertime.)
  10. time to empty the file cabinet and make new folders for everything.
  11. like brides plan now for June weddings, I plan now for my flower garden. (Whether the garden ever gets planted is irrelevant.)
  12. if the year before was great, I’ve got a good start on this one.
  13. if the year before sucked, it’s over. Finally.

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