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The other day, I mentioned IzzyMom’s Consumer Culture and Kids post reminded me that I struggle with a similar issue related to Christmas and it’s been on my mind again this year. The issue is the consumerization of Christmas.

Each year, I get more and more pissed off with the social pressure to spend, spend, spend on Christmas presents. It feels like Christmas, more than any other religious holiday this time of year, has been pimped in the name of 4th quarter profits.

So when advertisers and stores want to use terms like ‘Holiday Sale’ instead of ‘Christmas Sale’, I am happy. The further away from the mall Christmas, itself, can get – the better.

When I voice these opinions, people ask me, “So, does that mean you’re not going to be observing Christmas this year?”

Yes, in fact, I will be observing Christmas this year: I’ll be going to church. Hello?

The appropriate question is, “So, does that mean you won’t be giving in to the social and media-generated pressure to lose your natural mind and spend more than you have (or can pay off next year) on gifts for everyone you know – AND their dog?”

No, I won’t be doing that.

I’ve always gathered my kids together on Christmas Eve and either gone to a candlelight service at church or read the Christmas story from the Bible at home before going to bed.

Yes, Santa has always come during the night and left presents under the tree (though this year, with my youngest being 8, the jig is up.)

I’ve told my kids I will be buying them A gift this year. Suggestions and wish lists are welcome – just don’t expect to see the whole list under the tree.

Kissing The Face of God by Morgan WeistlingLike IzzyMom felt in her post, I too, feel a little hypocritical still. It would sure help if we could come up with some other name for all the celebration stuff that has nothing to do with the birth of Christ…and do it all on a different day.

(If you’re a Christian, click the picture to read the artist’s explanation of the painting. It made me feel better and reminded me that all this other stuff I’m howling about is really irrelevant at the end of the day.)