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This morning, it was actually in the upper 50’s when I woke up…cold enough to open up the windows again! Woo-hoo! Unheard of in mid-June!

PDD had to feed her horses on (amazing she remembers to do that but Pepper, our dog, has a hard time getting fed.) While she was sitting there, she actually asked me if she could close the window because the breeze coming in made her chilly. I told her to go put a sweatshirt on!

Yesterday’s rain gave way to sunny skies and cool breezes this morning. It was a perfect weather day today until after dinner time when it got a little muggy again. At 11:30pm, it’s 78 degrees, but the breeze is still with us, so it’s not too bad.

We here in Oklahoma have to make a big deal out of and celebrate days like this – we don’t get them very often in the summer time. So forgive my profuse goings on about the weather, please.