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I was doing good, even in the face of being divinely inspired/distracted, until I caught this damned bug that’s been going around.

Friday night, I felt like reconstituted dog shit. I had a fever, a head full of snot, a rattly chest and aches from head to toe. So, I went to bed as soon as I delivered Prima Donna Daughter to her father’s for the weekend. Second Son offered to get me some cold medicine or something to drink, but by the time he got back from the kitchen, I was out like a light.

Saturday I had to be at a mandatory workshop for substitute teachers from 8am-5pm. It rained all day, and to be honest, all I did was sit there staring out the window at the rain wishing I was at home in bed. Which is where I went as soon as I got home…back to bed. I watched “On Golden Pond” which I haven’t seen in forever…I mean like since I’ve been a mother…and then started watching “Steel Magnolias” when my neighbors came knocking at the door wanting help with their new iPod Touch. Totally green with envy, Second Son and I showed them how to sync it and put music on it. Then it was back to bed for me. I fell asleep watching “The Big Chill”, another movie I haven’t seen in forever.

Today I slept late, piddled around for an hour or two before I took a shower, picked up PDD and took her to a birthday party. After the party, Second Son talked me into taking him and three of his friends to a movie. Thankfully, one of the other moms agreed to pick them up, so I came back home and am once again in the bed.

I still have all my symptoms, but I do feel a little better tonight. Blogging has paid the price though. The kids are out of school tomorrow, so I have another sleep late morning ahead of me. Yay!

Maybe another night of good sleep with no alarm in the morning will be what does the trick with this bug. Let’s hope so. I’m not getting shit done.