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For those of you less fortunate than I to have the honor and privilege of living in the presence of Second Son, this post is my gift to you.

Upon inspecting his gorgeousness (which he does with growing frequency), he announced while looking in the magnifying side of the mirror, “Wow – I’m even sexier when my face is big!” followed by, “Wow, I’m getting sideburns!”

This child certainly does not lack in the self-esteem department, that’s for sure. But, I remember his older brother went through a similar stage at 14…just full of himself. Having had no brothers growing up, I’m not sure if this is something boys just go through period, if it’s just a normal part of testosterone taking over, or if my boys are just weird.

Thank God, like beauty, this bravado is only skin deep. While he’ll tell you in a heartbeat that he’s “straight dead sexy with a side order of BAM!”, he’s really a good guy under all that B.S.

And he makes his mama laugh… hard…