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It’s technically Sunday already, but I haven’t been to bed yet, so for me, it’s still Saturday. (Like that logic?) I have had the most productive day here in my office, even though it was absolutely gorgeous outside.

I started at 8:30 this morning, coffee in hand, house quiet. Prima Donna Daughter spent the night at a friend’s last night, and Second Son had a friend spend the night here. The boys were up late, late, late, so they slept, slept, slept until Oldest Son arrived (in his truck – Yay! He’s finally mobile, thanks a great deal to my parents) and woke them up to help him unload tires and put them in my storage building. But I got a good 2-3 hours of work done in the quiet solitude (that I live for…).

PDD came home around lunch time and the boys made grilled cheese for everyone, so I worked right through lunch. By this time, I had installed Google Analytics on 5 sites, upgraded WordPress to the newest release on 6 blogs and setup the hosting account for a client’s new site. While I waited for the DNS changes I made to take effect, I upgraded 2 more WordPress blogs.

I spent the afternoon installing WordPress, the theme my client chose, all the required plug-ins and Google Analytics on the new site. I had to do some tweaking here and there to the theme (which is the rule, not the exception) and he wanted a custom header for it, so I did that, too.

A quick run to the grocery store for milk and bread, then back here to cook spaghetti for dinner, then back here in the office to get content loaded up on the new site.

After I loaded up the content he sent me, I switched gears and started on a blog post for one of my own blogs, and then this week’s newsletter.

I’m headed to bed with only two computer things left on my list that need to be done before Monday, so I am hoping for another beautiful day tomorrow, as I will be spending it outside de-jungle-ing my backyard. (I’ll take a ‘before’ picture, and then if I get anywhere significant with it, I’ll take an ‘after’ picture so you can see. If I get waylaid or sidetracked, or it rains…well, no pics for you. lol)