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Remember the art program PDD attended at the end of the school year? Well, when we went to her ‘exhibit’ the last week of the program, we found out that the art museum has special program on the second Saturday of every month (that’s free!) where families can go and participate in art projects.

This is Philbrook Art Museum.

Philbrook Art Museum.

the main garden at the museum.

the main garden at the museum.

Second Saturday in June we participated in a scavenger hunt in this garden. Then we made what I call shrinky-dinks – you decorate pieces of plastic that you then bake in an oven and they shrink down.

Today we made dioramas that didn’t turn out all that hot, so I’ll spare you a picture of them, and instead give you PDD and Fresh Air on the balcony above the garden.

All in all, I think we’re going to enjoy Second Saturdays. Next month, we’re going to hijack Second Son and take him with us. He could stand to get his art groove on.