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That’s Prima Donna Daughter there to the left of Santa, cheesin’ for the camera. They’re joined by Mrs. Claus, an Elf and four other reindeer (don’t ask me what happened to the other three reindeer – I couldn’t get a straight answer.)

They were “in costume” for one of the songs her class was doing in the assembly program Thursday, but then, last minute, the song was dumped, I assume because the other reindeer were absent…I don’t know.

The two songs they did do were cute and not your typical Christmas program fare, which is kinda refreshing. One was about being thankful and the song taught them to say “Thank You” in a dozen different languages. The music teacher, Mr. K, told us the kids wanted to dedicate that particular song to all the out-of-state power crews that came to our city to help get our power back on.