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Ok, that’s what I get for reading a whole book in one sitting, especially a book as impactful as ‘Make the Impossible Possible.’ Information overload, blender-brain, whatever you want to call it.

My head hurts. Has been since yesterday.

You don’t have to convince me that thoughts are things, because I can feel them beating the crap out of my brain right now as I type this! And the questions are throwing the biggest of the punches. All the questions I have about what I’m here to do, how to (and if there even IS a how to) live that out, what it means to be me and which parts of that are good and which parts need some work?


You know that feeling of being strapped in the front car of a REALLY big roller coaster…the higher you go up that first climb, the more you think you want off this damned thing, but you’re stuck, because to jump out – well, that’s not much of a plan at the moment – and your rational mind tells you that this feeling is only temporary, that you’ll love the feeling of flying down the other side, free, with all that momentum behind you…well, that’s what my head feels like right now…I’m ready to be at the top with some answers and all that momentum they’ll create behind me…to get on with it, whatever IT is.

Mental constipation is no fun, folks. Remind me, in the future, to take thought-provoking books a few chapters at a time instead of devouring them whole, ok?

Ok, I think I’ll call it a day and go watch some Craig Ferguson…find out why today is a great day for America. 🙂