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Now that we have the holes in the privacy fence repaired, Cheerio has figured out she can still get out of the yard by going up on the pool deck and hopping over the fence into the neighbor’s backyard from there. The neighbor’s house is a rental house, is currently empty and has fence gate issues, as well, so I had to figure out a way to prevent access to the pool deck.

So, since Dad had a doctor appointment in the city yesterday morning, I asked him if he would come here afterward and help me build a gate for the deck where the steps go down into the yard. Two and a half hours later, here is my new gate:



While at Lowe’s, I bought enough lattice to replace the lattice that’s come down out of the deck fence over the years, because as soon as we tested our new gate for canine containment, Cheerio promptly jumped from the yard, up over the shrubs that line the pool deck, between the 2×4’s that make up the deck fence (where lattice used to be) and trotted her happy ass around the pool deck, ready to hop over the fence again.

This is beginning to feel like an episode of Roadrunner and I’m the coyote at the moment.