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Did you get a chance to tune in to President Obama’s address to the nation last night? If not, here are his opening remarks:

I wish this video included the almost 45 minutes of questions and answers that followed, but I guess that’d be too dang big for YouTube to handle. Of all the things I saw on the news last night afterward, the thing that most impressed me was the fact that he talked to an un-screened audience in the town hall meeting earlier yesterday – something Bush never did. Why? Because when the audience isn’t screened, any ol’ yahoo could ask you any ol’ question that comes to mind and you’re on camera stuck with answering it. Nah – Georgie wasn’t signin’ up for that nonsense. But Obama did, and he got at least one question from a disgruntled citizen, which he handled well, in my estimation. Hell, even if he’d flubbed it up, I’d still give him props for taking it in the first place.

You know, I listen to all these news reports about how bad the economy is, and how scared everyone is about money, losing their job, losing their home and I feel so blessed to not be burdened with those kinds of worries. I love the irony that my business started really taking off last fall about the time Washington was bailing out Wall Street, and it’s done nothing but go gangbusters since. I’ve got so dang much work that I’ve typed/moused myself into a full-blown carpal tunnel flare-up, for cryin’ out loud. But I’m not bitching…no ma’am. I don’t mind the problem of more clients than I know what to do with. Like I said, I feel extremely blessed.

Then, tonight on Tulsa’s news, they did a story on some monkey moron who’s been exploiting the foreclosures here in town by – get this – renting out houses in foreclosure owned by other people! Yeah! Can you believe that mess?! This butt head is supposedly a real estate agent, and of all people should know that the only person who has the legal right to rent out a home in foreclosure is the owner of the home! That’s right – if you own your house and it’s in foreclosure and you’re not living in it anymore, you can rent it out right up to the day that sucker is sold at auction. But no one else can – not the mortgage company, not a real estate agent (unless told to do so by you) – no one.

Now, I have no idea what the foreclosure rate on homes is here in the Tulsa area, but I’m pretty sure it’s not as bad as many other areas of the country. And if this yahoo was getting away with this shit for over a year here – I can just imagine what’s going on in really depressed markets.

Also on the news tonight were reports of three people killed in tornadoes earlier this evening near Ardmore, OK. Damn, the crazy weather has begun. I guess the ground hog needs to move to Oklahoma, because spring is here already. This line of storms stretched from Austin, TX, all the way up to Kansas City – classic tornado alley storms.

So as I go to bed tonight, I’m grateful that the storms didn’t damage anything here, that my business is doing well and I’m able to do work I love that helps others, and that President Obama is on the job. I had an interesting conversation with a friend the other night who shared a blog post about Obama that I’ll write about soon, but my hand is screaming and I’m going to close up shop and hit the hay.