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My desks qualify as ‘heavy’, I can testify. I’ve pushed, shoved and carried both the metal office desk in the foreground and that beautiful, cherry wall unit (which breaks down into 6 pieces, each of which are heavy on their own.)

In May of 2006, my house burned. It started in the laundry room which is behind that wall, and the only reason I still have that beautiful thing is it was in my bedroom serving as the ultimate entertainment center at the time. It was, back then, too tall for my office. After the fire, and after restoring it from some heavy duty smoke damage, my dad and I cut 10 inches off the bookcases so it would fit in my office. (The office used to be the garage, and it has a lower ceiling than the rest of the house.)

My Empty Office

Here’s what it really looks like in my office, now that we’ve been back home for over a year. It’s still beautiful, just a bit buried. 🙂

My Office