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This afternoon I sprung our dog, Pepper, from doggie jail. She not only does not have rabies, but she is now a legally registered citizen of Tulsa. Yippee. Since she was a stray that PDD coerced me into keeping, before today I had no idea how old she is. Well, thanks to her little trip to the dog pound, we now know (for sure) she is spayed, so no puppies in our future (that fact saved me $175 today – YAY!) and she is between 2 and 3 years old. So, she’ll be with us awhile, God willing.

I thought it might be handy to take a picture of her for you, and of course, she was all cute sleeping in her crate, but as soon as I walked over there, she sat up. I really think she was thinking, “Nothing’s changed around here – I’m in this stupid crate and that idiot cat is free to roam and he loves to rub it in.”

PDD had a great time at the art museum and came home to find her beloved Pepper waiting for her – so I’d say it was a good day for her.

I had an interesting day babysitting so Oldest Son could go work for a landscaper, and Adopted Son is back – but those updates will have to wait – I’m headed for bed.

Nitey nite, Internets.

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