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I had my annual mammogram bright and early this morning and oh what an experience it was.

Knowing that misery loves company I want to promote annual breast cancer screenings, I planned ahead and took my digital camera with me with the idea of taking a picture of one of my scans to use as the image for this post. Not that I need to have my ta-tas on display, but because we all know images add interest to blog posts.

No dice. I was told I was not allowed to take a picture of a scan of my own ta-tas, not even to help promote annual ta-ta torture mammograms for us mature ladies 40 plus. So I asked if I could have a printout of one of them, and the bimbette technician replied, “We don’t use film anymore. These are digital, so no, I can’t get you a printout.”

WTF??!!! Hello lady – digital = easy printouts. No developing films required. Ugh! Whatever. I rolled my pancaked ta-tas up, stuffed ’em in the ol’ bra and got the hell out of there. I had to resort to this image I found online. I chose it because at least it shows you the better resolution and clarity of the new digital mammograms vs. the old film-screen mammograms.

If you live in or near Tulsa, go somewhere other than St. John Breast Center for your mammogram, if you can. Otherwise, you might have to deal with the bimbette that did mine. Oy.