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Oldest Son, his girlfriend and her two kids spent the day with us. This is his little ready-made family, and though you can’t tell in this picture, my first grandchild is the unseen bun in the oven. However, these little ones call me Grandma, too, and that’s fine by me. You can click the picture to see a larger view. Trust me, those baby blues of his are worth a click, even though he hates taking pictures (can you tell? lol)

This afternoon, he planted a maple and an elm tree in the front yard, moved 6 of my Rose of Sharon bushes over to the flower bed (sans flowers) in front of the house, and moved 4 of my canna lilies and some monkey grass over to the basketball goal and lined the base with them. I’ll have to take pictures tomorrow because we ran out of daylight by the time he was done.