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For what seems like the bazillionth time, Oldest Son’s girlfriend kicked him out last Thursday and he moved home. There are some things that are vastly different this time around:

1. He had a new job within 24 hrs. (WOW!)
2. He is actually ignoring his phone more than he’s not when it’s the girlfriend calling to continue the drama. (DOUBLE WOW!)
3. He and I have yet to ‘lock it up’ over anything. (TRIPLE-FREAKIN’-WOW!!!)

As is usual in a situation like this, there are a million loose ends, not the least of which is the paternity of the unborn child the girlfriend’s carrying, but I’m so proud of Oldest Son right about now: he’s finally beginning to take responsibility not only for himself, but for the quality of his life. It’s fun to watch him realize HE gets to choose whether he wants to be happy or miserable. He’s got miles to go (who among us doesn’t?!), but he’s finally on his way! Hallelujah!