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Ok, he said Saturday afternoon, “I’ll call you.”

Hmmm….maybe I should’ve asked, “When?”

Called HIM Monday night, no answer, no return call.


If he’s scared and wants to put the brakes on or even flip this thing in reverse – fine. I’m a big girl – just tell me that and for my part, our years of friendship will kick in and I’ll understand and be (eventually) ok with it. But there wouldn’t be any big scene out of me. I have finally gotten it through my thick head that I don’t control anyone but me.

Maybe he’s embarrassed because he’s being a weenie.

More likely, he doesn’t know what to say because he knows I’m braver than he is when it comes to matters of the heart, and you know men don’t handle brave women with that much grace, I’ve found. It’s not cool for a woman to be braver than a man – makes it hard for him to do his chest beating.

I’m also stronger in the sense that I know myself much better than he knows himself. Again, not cool for a woman to be stronger, in any sense of the word.

(Just so you know, I’m not stereotyping here – just pointing out what I know about him and his viewpoints after all these years.)

This is all just too damned “high school” for me. Ugh. Inconsiderate. Immature. Unnecessary.

He’ll surface, sooner or later. But he better know up front (and he probably does, which is probably a good chunk of why he’s still MIA) that he WON’T have ME at “hello.”

Lucy will have some s’plaining to do…