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I always feel like I should be waiting for the “other shoe to drop” when we get so many days of gorgeous weather in a row this time of year. Tornado Alley is aptly named – trust me. We are enjoying our third day in a row of absolutely lovely weather, and tomorrow is forecasted to be more of the same. (Where’s that shoe?)

Deciding I’d better not press my luck any longer, I spent the afternoon in the backyard de-jungle-ing. (Yes, that means Sunday was spent inside, too. I got waylaid by falling into a programming rabbit hole. Didn’t make it out until after midnight. Oy.)

Have you ever had the pleasure of raking 2 foot tall grass to make sure there’s nothing hidden down in there that would break the lawn mower? Well, my friends – I have. Today my upper arms got the workout of their lives. I was actually enjoying the vibration of the lawn mower (when I finally got to mow!) because it felt like a massage for my arms. Even better, though, was the hot shower in my sparkling bathroom that I cleaned prior to hitting the yard. (I must be weird – I work much harder knowing there’s a sparkling bathroom awaiting me than I would if the bathroom were the pit it was this morning. Maybe I just don’t feel like I get all the way clean afterward if the bathroom is funky, too.)

Now, I realize I could have (should have) used the weed eater on the first pass, and I would have except the darned thing won’t start. (It’s gas, and I have issues with gas powered motors, apparently. Dad’s chainsaw gives me fits, too. My car, thankfully, does not…yet…) I have been told that the coil in the motor is shot and that I might as well buy a new one as opposed to getting this one fixed. Yeah – put that on the list…

So, anyway, I had to use a combination of the rake and stomping through the grass, and of course, I still ran over a few things. Weirdest one, though, was the buzzer to our Taboo game. It’s now in a million pieces – oh well. Nobody around here has the vocabulary to play that game effectively except me, so PDD started playing with it, buzzing, startling and irritating the crap out of me and Second Son. How it ended up in the backyard, I don’t know, but I’m not even going to ask, either. Some things in my life just don’t require investigation, contemplation or an answer, ya know?

P.S. I forgot to take the camera out before I started, and since it’s still kinda raggedy back there, I’m not taking an ‘after’, either. You’ll just have to trust me (and the evidence will be in my whining tomorrow) that I made major headway back there today.