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Ok, it’s a Monday, for real. I contemplated whether I should sub today and finally ended up accepting a job at the middle school.

Between first and second hour, my cell phone rings. I open it up to see who is calling and at just that moment, I drop it. It breaks into two pieces (as flip phones tend to do when dropped) which go flying in two different directions.


I call my sister on the phone in the classroom to let her know I am now incommunicado in case either of my children’s schools calls her because they can’t get hold of me.

If memory serves, I have a backup cell phone (an old one from a previous upgrade) at the house, so hopefully I won’t have to call AT&T and re-up for another two years just to get a working phone. I kind of like not being on a contract with them.

After a wild day at the circus middle school, I come home to Oldest Son raging on about Prima Donna Daughter not walking straight home from school. (Note to self: from now on, no matter what, let members of the household at least get in the door before pouncing on them with a problem.)

After calming him down and setting her straight, I set about looking for said spare cell phone. Of course, it is in the last place I look, but I find it, nonetheless. And, of course, it needs charged, and no, the charger is not where I found the phone. Somehow, that would make life just too easy, you know?

In the midst of this second search, PDD wants to know what’s for dinner. Just then, as if on cue, Second Son announces, “Leave Mom alone – she’s busy. I’m cooking dinner.”

A wave of love and gratitude washes over me and I say, “Thanks, babe, but you don’t have to cook dinner…I’ll do it. Just let me find the charger to this phone first.”

To which he replies, “Mom, you cook for us all the time. I can cook for you once in awhile. Find your charger and then take a break. I got this.”

So, as I type this, the spare phone is charging and Second Son is serving up grilled cheese sandwiches. I swear before God this is the BEST grilled cheese I’ve ever eaten.

But then, most things made with love ARE the best…