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As luck would have it, I missed posting yesterday on the last day of NaBloPoMo. In spite of that, though, my NaBloPoMo mission was accomplished: I got back into the swing of blogging, in spite of the continuing drama that I let pull me away. And I made some new blog friends – even better!

Today I have a new mission: make it look like Christmas around here. While I won’t be going out and dragging a tree home on the top of the car, I WILL be climbing a ladder and retrieving my artificial tree from the loft in my storage building out back.

Scratch that – I will be sending Second Son up said ladder to retrieve my artificial tree. And also to forage around for the lights that I know are up there somewhere.

Prima Donna Daughter spent the night at her dad’s last night, so hopefully SS and I will be able to locate everything before it’s time for me to go pick her up, because YOU KNOW (if you didn’t, you do now…and may I recommend you don’t forget!) decorating is not allowed to commence until PDD is present and ready to SUPERVISE.

So, I must now go wake Second Son who stayed up until all hours last night enjoying his short stint as ‘only child’ and get this project started.

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