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I spent the day at my niece’s, as planned, cutting the last maple tree down, and cutting up everything we cut down yesterday. This is the ‘after’ shot:

Tonight, I’m sore, particularly my arms, but happy we got that done! The willow stump will remain as is, get sealed, and we’ll see if it tries to grow back. Willows, apparently, are famous for that. The used to be maple tree in the foreground, and it’s trunk laying on the ground will get cut up and split another day.

Here’s what the city has awaiting it’s trucks and crew:

A log/brush pile the length of the front yard, at least 10 feet deep and taller than my car. Heck, taller than me (which is not saying THAT much, as I’m only 5’4″. But still…)

So, yours truly will be sleeping soundly tonight, after a long soak in the Jacuzzi tub.

I wouldn’t want to do this everyday, but you know what? Serious manual labor is good every now and then.