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It’s Monday again, and I’m assuming it’s also a Mad Click Monday, though I haven’t been MCM-ing long enough to have experienced the Monday holiday protocol. So, I am posting before I leave for a BBQ and will make MY rounds tonight after I return.

Happy Labor Day, all! Enjoy some R&R today, ok?

Here we go- be sure to visit each other’s blogs and maybe even a few on your blogroll as well. If you have time, consider commenting on the blogs you visit. All of us love comments and it’s nice to know we’re supporting each other.

Quick rules-

– While visiting other blogger’s sites please be sure to look over the advertisements they may be displaying. If you see something that interests you then please click on the ad. This will not only help your fellow blogger earn a little money but also maybe help you learn about something new.

– You are not expected to do a weekly post or linkback to me, my site, or this post. I am doing this for fun and because I’m thankful to those who read my blog. I am only telling everyone else about it because everything is more fun with friends.

– Be sure to email me or leave a comment on each Monday’s post letting me know you are doing this too and I will add a link to your site in the Mad Click Monday posts. It’s my way of saying thank you for taking the time to join me.

Comments are appreciated.

Thanks to Jo at Life with Heathens for creating this great meme!

P.S. If you, like me, seem to always be running a day behind – feel free to extend Mad Click Monday into Tuesday if you need to…or Wednesday…or Thursday… LOL