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More than one person this week has commented that if they lived my life they’d be out of breath. I find that curious, actually. It doesn’t seem that chronically breathless to me…

Between the running documentary on this blog and my Outlook appointment calendar – I guess I can see their point. Since my last post, I have:

  • Gotten the kids off to school
  • Went and picked up Oldest Son and gave him a ride to work
  • Held a 60 minute training session with a new blog client
  • Revamped 4 pages on a client’s website
  • Went and got a bouquet of roses, a birthday card and a little mini chocolate cake for BabySis’ birthday and went and surprised her just after lunchtime
  • Colored my hair
  • Visited with my dad for about 30 mins when he dropped by
  • Added another page and an opt-in form to another client’s site
  • Watched Monday night’s download of Oprah’s online class on A New Earth
  • Cooked dinner
  • Had a marathon programming session of 9 hrs creating a new website which kept me up until 2am this morning (it’s so dangerous for me to start projects in the evening because I tend to get on a roll and forget that time is passing)
  • Gotten the kids off to school again this morning
  • Picked up Oldest Son and delivered him to work again
  • Gone to the Education Service Center to get my employee picture ID made
  • Had a 90 minute consultation/training session with another web client
  • Attended a 3 hr training workshop for substitute teaching in another school district
  • Wrote 3 blog posts for my own blogs
  • Had an impromptu coaching session with a coaching client
  • Picked up Second Son from school and had dinner out with BabySis and her family (bless her because that meant no cooking dinner for me!)
  • Attended a 1 hr teleclass upon returning home
  • Spent some ‘girl time’ with Prima Donna Daughter discussing her day before tucking her into bed

…and here I am.

And these two days weren’t what I would consider ‘busy’ days.


So, ok – my life is a bit full. But that’s the way I like it. I have work that I love through which I make a difference in people’s lives, kids that I love who keep me hopping, and family and friends that I love who keep me sane. I’ve got it good, now, friends.

You wanna see me livin’ la vida loca? Throw a man at my life. Yeah…THAT’s some entertainment. Or hang out ’til September when I become a grandma on top of all of this. That oughta be good, too.

Nah – this ain’t no vida loca….yet.