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And whinge I will!

Maybe you are asking, “What’s whinge?

Well. let me tell you a little story before we get to why my rack is too big…and for what.

While catching up with ImBeingHeldHostage this evening, I came across a word I didn’t know, had never seen before, and could not, for the life of me, figure out how to pronounce. The word was ‘winge‘.

ImBeingHeldHostage is an American mom of 5 living in the United Kingdom. She writes about her experiences not only of mothering 5, but of being an American living in the UK. So, I assumed winge must be a British word, and from her context, I assumed it meant something along the lines of whining or complaining.

Being the self-proclaimed word geek that I am (and I totally am!) I decided to go look up this curious new word. (Did I mention I totally LOVE picking up new words?) So, off to I go. When I typed in winge, it came up saying it wasn’t a word. I thought – ok – what???

Webster suggests words when it can’t find the one you’ve typed in, and the first suggestion was whinge, so I clicked it. They even have this cool little audio thingy that pronounces the word for you and this time I clicked it, just to be sure that I was hearing it in my head correctly when I read it (which was part of my confusion at her blog – I didn’t know if the g was a g sound or a j sound. See? A total geek to worry about something like that.) Anyway – here is the definition I found:

British : to complain fretfully : whine

Yay! I was right! Her spelling was off, but then I realized – in her shoes, I probably wouldn’t know how to properly spell half of the new words I was being exposed to, and as a result, would probably spend ridiculous amounts of time over at Webster. So, my geeky self let her know about the missing ‘h’. (I may be a complete geek, but I’ve got your back!)

With the winge/whinge mystery solved, I went on with my blog travels and found SarcasticMom saying, “Check Out My Rack!

Say what?

I read it right – she had posted pictures of her rack – covered by the coolest Mom t-shirt I’ve seen in forever (go look!) – AND she’s running a contest to give one away! (A shirt, that is – not a rack.) And all I have to do to enter the contest is leave her a comment and link to her post…which I’ve just done.

But even if I win, I won’t win, dang it…because they don’t make ’em in a size big enough to cover MY rack! Hence, the reason I must whinge! If I win, I’ll have to give it away…or maybe run a contest of my own and pass it along to another rack.

All is not lost, however. Thanks to my new blog friends, I’ve not only learned a new word today, but I immediately was given an opportunity to use said new word without jumping through hoops.

Gotta love it!

Keepin' it real in the bloggerhood,



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