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breakingdawnOk, I’m a coupla days late with this report, but I was NOT disappointed by Breaking Dawn. Having read all four books now, my biggest curiosity is around how in the hell are they gonna mash all that goes on it each book into a 2-hour movie? How much will they have to change about the story to fit it in that little bitty space of time?

IMHO, the parts they changed about the first book, Twilight were good changes to help mash the story to fit the time. But having read the book now, and watched the movie again this past weekend with my step-daughter (who hadn’t seen it yet – so HA! I wasn’t the only one!), I have to say what I usually do about great stories turned into movies: Yeah, watch the movie. Enjoy it. But if you want to REALLY enjoy it, read the book.

But then, you know that…