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Ok, so remember when I told you about having typed the D key right off my laptop? Well, folks…I couldn’t take it any longer. I went on a dialing spree last week calling all manner of computer repair entities, only to find that no one had the keyboard my laptop requires in stock and they’d have to order it in. On top of that, the lowest fee I could find to have it installed was $40.

There’s something about paying someone to repair my computer that just irks me. I have always repaired my own computers in the past, including replacing hard drives, CD drives, adding RAM and such. But this is my first laptop, and I’ve never done any repair on a laptop before. I was even cautioned against trying to install additional RAM in my laptop last summer because “everything is so close together, there’s no ‘elbow room’ in a laptop and you can easily mess things up.”

“Well, fooey on that,” says me.

Ta Da!!! And I did it all by myself! In under an hour!

Oh yeah…I AM all that!

Now, would you like to know how to save yourself big $$ in computer repair? Google your computer and find it’s tech manual! Oh yeah. That’s what I did – and I followed the directions.

The only exception that I advise is this: If your computer is still under warranty – DO NOT ATTEMPT REPAIRS/UPGRADES YOURSELF! You will most likely void the warranty. Take the D-I-Y approach ONLY after your baby is out of warranty. And always be careful.

Join me in the jiggy dance – I’m a limping typist no more!