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Today is Oldest Son’s 21st birthday. He’s officially “grown” now. One down, two to go.

It was not Labor Day the year he was born, but I find it rather fitting that it’s Labor Day this year, because mothering him is much more a labor of love today than it was back then. So it goes, I’m told, by those whose babies are grown now. I’m sure my mother would agree. 🙂

Last week two things happened in his life: Second Daughter dumped him because The Jerk was in her ear confusing things for her and Ex-Girlfriend had her baby (Thursday or Friday, I’m not sure.) I’m not sure when a DNA test will be done or when we’ll know if this baby is his daughter, and I’m not even sure what she named her, even. Oldest Son is quite (understandably) prickly where this topic is concerned. So, I leave it alone unless he brings it up.

To celebrate the day, enjoy a picture of him showing off his muscles back when he thought he was grown: