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Tuesday, I got to school expecting to be teaching 8th grade and instead was asked to cover 6th grade math/reading classes. Aside from the fact that the 6th graders act like their parents feed them acid for breakfast, it was an ok day. But I came home to an email from a new web client telling me her site wouldn’t come up. The rest of the day/night was spent searching out the problem (and dealing with a very unsupportive tech support) until I finally gave up at 1am and went to bed.

Today started out great at the high school covering computer technology classes for half a day, but then I had to resume the hunt for the problem with the new client’s site. The kids started arriving home from school and I was no closer to having the problem fixed than flying to the moon on my own power. Realizing I was in tail-chasing mode and needed to get away from it awhile, I answered the phone when Baby Sister called and talked to her about designing business cards for her and the curtains she’s making for me, instead.

While I was talking to her, Prima Donna Daughter comes in announcing that our dog (Pepper) has bitten her friend who lives around the corner. Before I could get any details, the phone beeps and it’s Second Son – he’s missed the bus and needs picked up from school. Lovely. Adopted Son had just walked in, so I hung up, went to pick up SS and arrived back home to see a freakin’ AMBULANCE in front of said friend’s house.

I come in the house and PDD tells me she was walking our dog and her friend (who’s previously been reprimanded by me on more than one occasion for teasing and tormenting our dog) tries to pet our dog, despite PDD telling her to back off and leave her alone. She persisted and bent down and Pepper nipped her on the cheek. For this, they called 9-1-1.

Ten minutes later I have Animal Control officers at the front door asking for our dog so she can be taken to the pound for 10 days of observation for rabies. PDD flipped out when I had to turn the dog over to them, and calmed down not one bit when I told her Pepper would be back in 10 days. Meanwhile, I’m mentally calculating how I’m going shift the cashflow around to come up with the @$75-100 it’s going to cost me in 10 days to get our dog back.

Twenty minutes later, the injured friend was showing off the Band-Aid on her face to the so-called friend next door, and the urge to bite the little shit, myself, washes over me. Suddenly, I’m jealous of our dog, because if I did that, I wouldn’t be getting a 10-day vacation from the madness that can be this house for less than $100.

No, after I calmed PDD down, I had to go back and find and fix the problem with the client’s site which I did by wiping the damn thing out and starting over. Thankfully, that worked.