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Well, I’m off to a great start, aren’t I? Forgetting to publish this yesterday? Had it all ready to go and clicked ‘Save’ instead of ‘Publish’.

No month blogging about ‘home’ should start off any other way than by giving you all, my loyal Internets, a tour of our home, particularly this tour. This is a page I put together for my network marketing business organization just after we moved back home after the fire. Scores of people, 99% of whom I’ve never shared more than an email with, collectively gave us $1000 within days of the fire. More importantly, they taught me a valuable lesson about how the connections I make online can be just as ‘real’ as ones made in my ‘real’ life.

So, from my home on the web, come see my home in the ‘real’ world.

Keepin' it real in the bloggerhood,



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