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I wish this were going to be a funny post, but it’s not. My neighbors on the corner experienced a home invasion at 2:30am this morning.

I was awake and heard banging, thought it was in my backyard, because my dog was barking, too, so I went to the window to look. Nothing.

I went out and closed the door on my storage building, came back in and crawled back in bed. Still, though, I hear this banging noise.

I got up, and just as I did, I heard banging on what I thought was my front door. As I stepped into the living room and turned toward the door, I see through the window the police swooping in with spotlights aimed at my house, illuminating this crazy looking guy who’s beating the crap out of my front windows trying to get in!

Turns out he was a Marine high on PCP, totally not knowing where he was and thinking my neighbor’s house was his house and no one would let him in. So, he kicked the door in and began to kick my neighbor’s butt for being in his house. My neighbor fought him off and out of his house, broke a golf club iron over his head and that’s when he came to my house and started banging on the windows for help or to get in, I don’t now which.

The police hauled him off to jail, but we later learned he’s only been charged with public intoxication. So my neighbor called the police back out to file assault and battery charges, as well as home invasion charges. The officer questioned me, too, and told all of us to prepare ourselves for the D.A. to not pick up the charges because he was out of his mind on drugs and they wouldn’t be able to prove intent.

How fucked up is that??!!

The good thing that’s come out of it is my neighbors and I have renewed interest in watching each other’s houses and being just a little more nosy with people we see on our block who don’t live here.