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Oldest Son did not stop with the cabinet/desk project. On Sunday afternoon, in another fit of he-manliness, he built this in my front yard:


I will be sure to take another picture later in the summer when the sedum is in full bloom. It grows fast, and will drape itself down over the limestone. That’ll be really pretty.

Speaking of pretty, PDD knows I L-O-V-E daffodils. Last week, on the walk home from school one day, she brought me one. She walked in with it behind her back, grinning from ear to ear, and said, “Mama, close your eyes – I have a surprise for you!”


Now, this child has been known to pick other people’s flowers in an effort to score points with me, but she assured me this one came from the yard of an empty house. Maybe I’ll have to go to said empty house and dig up the bulbs… hmm….

As of Friday the 13th at 4pm, the kids have been on Spring Break. To hear them squawk about being bored, you’d think Spring Break was a punishment worse than death. Leave it to Oldest Son to provide a distraction….


He brought home two baby chicks Monday after work. Apparently, they’d been doing some landscaping work for a chicken farmer…and we, living smack dab in the middle of the city of Tulsa, now have two future egg-layers in our backyard.

Well, that is if they survive us, our two dogs, and our cat.

Speaking of surviving…as is fitting with how things work for me, it’s Spring Break, I’ve declared a week off from my business, and…I’m sick. And I’m not the only one…Second Son’s sick, too.

Like a complete dumbass, I bought some new-fangled kind of carpet cleaner and some lavender-scented Pine-Sol for the spring cleaning Second Son and I did on Saturday. Dumb, dumb, dumb. We are both asthmatics. We don’t do store-bought chemicals in this house. For 9 years now, we’ve used non-toxic, environmentally friendly household products. As a result, we’ve kicked our inhaler habits and, except for when we get a cold, breathe like normal people these days. Hell, he plays football, folks…nothing short of a miracle if you knew this kid 10 years ago.

Don’t ask me why I bought that crap. I can’t even give a good excuse, other than I really love the smell of lavender and my non-toxic stuff doesn’t smell that way. It doesn’t smell bad, mind you, it just doesn’t smell like lavender. Ironically, the new-fangled carpet stuff didn’t work worth a shit, either. My non-toxic stuff works much better…I was just being lazy…didn’t want to drag out the steam cleaner.

So, here we are, hacking and coughing and wheezing, feeling like the plague has overcome us.

Spring Break…good times…oh yeah…