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This Thanksgiving, I notice a theme: Letting go.

Letting go of expectations – of myself and others. If your life has been feeling heavy lately, this will instantly lighten things up. Trust me – I know this from experience.

Letting go of “someday”. One of the most visible ways I’ve done this is clearing my closet of all the clothes I might wear “someday”. While I’m waiting for “someday” to show up, some other woman somewhere is freezing her ass off, feeling bad about how she looks, or just wants something new but can’t afford to go shopping.

Some of these clothes don’t fit me at the moment, but most of them just don’t fit my life anymore. At one time, they were each “favorites” – clothes that made me feel good wearing them. But my need for them now is minimal compared to the good they can bring someone else. So I packed them up this morning and will be sending them on.

Letting go of “should”-ing myself. When I think or speak of things I “should” do, I create a stress gap between them and me. After all, there’s some reason I’m not doing them. Those reasons might be valid or completely irrational, but I know this for sure: I have enough stress in my life without adding more unnecessarily.

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