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My friends know that I’m quite cerebral…always good for a unique perspective or a question no one’s thought to ask quite that way. I can entertain myself for hours with ideas. So it would come as no surprise to them that I like TED talks…introduced to me in 2010 by a kindred cerebral friend.

On this first Sunday of the new year, I ask you to take 16 minutes of your day to watch this TED talk by Dr. Brené Brown on The Price of Invulnerability:

I know, from personal experience, that we really can’t numb out just the bad stuff without also numbing the good stuff we want.

My friends help me preserve my ability to be vulnerable by reassuring me that I am safe with them. I am able to practice vulnerability with them, and each time I do, I get stronger and am more willing to risk vulnerability outside of the safety net they provide.


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