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Yesterday, I was on a teleconference call and we were talking about offline marketing techniques. One technique we discussed was addressing envelopes by hand to increase the odds the mail piece get opened.

It occurred to me that my handwriting these days generally sucks. No surprise, I suppose, because I so rarely hand write anything any more. So, I picked up a pen and started writing the alphabet on my notepad. Each time through, I stumbled at ‘r’. I wrote ‘u’, instead. So, I guess 40 years of Qs – which are almost always following by Us – and now I’m incapable of writing my alphabet properly unless I slow down to a crawl. Weird.

So, too, I have these quirks on the keyboard. When I go to send an email to my business coach, whose name is Tom and whose email address is (*note: I did this just now trying to type his email address here), I almost always type tome@…before I recognize my mistake. The e just comes flying out my fingers – automatically following the m. Weird.

Another one of these, for me, is not being able to type the word female properly without typo correction. (* and yes, I did this just now, too) I always type femail. Yeah…me…Miss Spelling Snob. I suppose I know where that one comes from, but still… Weird.

What about you? What weird things do your fingers do?