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FedUpFridayI don’t know about where you live, but we here in Tulsa have been having the craziest mix of weather I’ve seen in awhile.

Example: Yesterday we topped out at 62 with lots of sunshine and pretty strong winds out of the south. Then, at about 6pm, a cold front pushed through, the temp dropped 20 degrees, and now this morning, it’s 28. This is the third time the weather’s changed suddenly like that in the same amount of weeks.

Second Son has missed 3 days of school with chest congestion plus some kind of stomach bug that had him puking this week, and the Friday and Monday surrounding Super Bowl weekend he missed school with the same kind of crap.

Prima Donna Daughter (THANK THE LORD) has escaped it, but I’ve had the scratchy back of the throat sinus drainage and a low grade temp for the better part of the last three weeks.

These kinds of fluctuations with the weather and 20-40 degree temperature changes in the matter of hours are not that uncommon here – but still – I’ve had enough! Can’t we please just pick a season and stick with it for more than a day?

What are you fed up with today?